Friday, December 20, 2013

Voices and Faces of Plainsboro the Dollivers' review

This month is the gallery showing of many of the products of the Voices and Faces of Plainsboro project. funded by the county cultural and heritage commission, which was a year in the making, with workshops, video recording of personal history and memories, all ages and many parts of the community taking part.  Note, in the last picture, the Dollivers applauding the imagination that put a stepstool near the children's books, to make sure they could get up and see.  Fine arts, including printmaking, book arts, audio arts and writing all featured in the activities, and the gallery displays the gist of what has been happening.

I taught the adults' book workshop, and took part in the Faces display and the self portrait, so I recur here, like Waldo.  The Dollivers came along to add weight to my presence, and pronounced it better than good.   It's a wonderful display, many lives intertwined and reacting in this space.  If you're in the neighborhood, the exhibit dates have been extended to cover January, too, so stop in and enjoy.

Here's a montage to browse and enjoy.

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  1. Glad to see the D's are getting their cultural enrichment, as am I, as I look through your show pictures.


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