Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lists, self help and me

I love lists of self help items,you know the kind of thing: Six Foods That Will Make you Hate Yourself After,   Three Ways to Ruin Your Life, all that. 

Self help books, too, I just love them. In fact in a previous life as a freelance writer I used to even write self help magazine pieces (and a lot of other items) for which people paid me actual money.   Which proves I was good at it, or possibly that they were desperate for filler, well, never mind about that. 
 I do remember one of my high school teachers, Mrs. Butler, to be exact, saying after I handed in an essay in which you had to give instructions on doing a simple task, writing exercise, that after she read my How to Iron a Shirt, she felt like running off and trying it!

So I'm credentialed, is all I'm saying.  And I totally click on those Yahoo links offering to explain to me how to get rich  and thin  and What My Dentist Won't Tell Me.  I don't actually take any of the advice.  It's just a harmless hobby. 

So I thought I'd just get in on it, and count on blogistas also liking those self help deals (which includes clicking on which Austen heroine you are and what kind of dog you'd be if you were a dog, I think I'd be a terrier).

So here's my request:  think about Your Tribe. Meaning what people current or past, living or dead  do you resonate with? your like minded souls.  And please comment to tell us your tribe, up to five people. You can say why, if you want to, not if you don't. Also, big favor:  please say who you think belongs in my tribe.  See? self help and mutual assistance is FUN.  So please do it.  I'm an old lady, so humor me so I don't run amok with my umbrella.

Also, see a great help-yourself-to-books idea from NPR, I love this:



  1. I'm thinking....I'm thinking...don't rush me...

  2. Hmmmm,this could take a bit of time.

  3. Five - wow that's HARD!! I would have to say Nelson Mandela for one - not just because he passed away today, but because I admire him and what he managed to go through. 2. Karen Ruane, because I love her work. 3. I would like to have someone from the Victorian era who made crazy quilts...just because we would have so much in common. 4. Ernst Haeckel - because I would love to see him draw. 5. God - for obvious reasons.


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