Sunday, December 15, 2013

Long, strange trip!

Lovely day in progress chez Boud.  I feel like the Queen, what with birthday flowers courtesy of sister dogonart, see pic, they're beautiful, and electronic cards, and emails and texts -- early morning greeting text from an early rising friend caught me in bed drinking my coffee and eating cookies for breakfast, birthday special.


Well, they're nutritious cookies,oatmeal, peanut butter, cocoa,etc. I made the batch last night but couldn't be bothered to bake so I made no-bakes and they're okay.   On a scale of 1 to 10, about a 6, but fine if you are not in the mood to bake,but are in the mood to eat a cookie. Recipe on request, out of my Amish cookbook.

Then later today, Handsome Son arrives, ice permitting, but the roads should be better by then, the snow having turned to wintry mix, candies all over the roads, bearing ingredients and tools to make us dinner.  My job is to pour wine, light candles and sit at the table waiting to be fed.  Perfect!

Did you catch my queenly wave? missed it?  here it is again...


  1. Happy Birthday Boud!! Many happy returns! Those flowers are beautiful, hope you have a great day! from all of the crew in Cowtown

  2. Happy birthday, have a wonderful day

  3. Cookies in bed? Well...almost as good as Sean Connery. Happy birth day wishes and enjoy being waited upon!

  4. Happy birthday to my beloved honourary grandmother!

  5. Lovely flowers Liz. Sisters are quite good for things like that. Belated birthday good wishes too. Sorry, have been a bit busy.

  6. LIz, my deep apologies. I've been so distracted this last two weeks that reading (let along commenting) on other blogs has been way down my list of priorities. For that I am sorry, I missed your birthday.
    Happy belated, and there is, truly, no one I know of who celebrates a birthday with such joie de vivre and pleasure.
    Long may you wave (and yes that was a most queenly wave).


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