Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Small Dolls Take a Stand

We small dolls have conferred and come up with our demands.  We want a greater share in the running of this blog.  It's always with the Dollivers, those giants  with all the good outfits, and what about us, we ask?

We are small, but we are mighty.  And if the Dollivers can have their special moniker, so can we.  Henceforward we are the Minivers.  

And Boud finally broke down and made us new outfits, all tricked out in red with lace, for the season, breaking her own rule, she told us bitterly, that Christmas is not celebrated until her own nativity is over with.  

So here we are, guarding the creche and the other bits of toys Boud sees as appropriate for the scene, we ask you, we will have to get to work there, too.  

Meanwhile, we are the Mighty Minivers, and we have a theme song, which Elton hasn't mastered yet, more work there, too.  Since wood features largely in our composition, much stronger and more powerful than that feeble yarn of the Dollivers, our song is to be Wooden Heart, you know, Elvis.  With a change here and there since we do have a wooden heart, but to each his own.

You did know that we were in a movie?  Mrs. Miniver!  yes, that's part of our extended family. Just so's you know we're not just any old wooden dolls waiting to be discovered. 


  1. A most excellent name from another small one.

  2. ~giggles~ Too cute, I just hope the two groups never get into a fight over Elton's services.

  3. oooh - a heavenly choir to accompany the nativity scene!


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