Friday, December 20, 2013

The Dollivers and the Christmas Reveal

The Dollivers insisted on new holiday duds, since the Minivers evidently rode roughshod over Boud and got their tiny little dresses, what's that we went to the local library to see the lighted tree (the gifts underneath had already been delivered to local agencies to give to kids), and to undertake the Big Reveal.

All gowned and bagged (they say bound and gagged) and impatiently tooting the horn to get going, 

we proceeded to the library where they stayed in their bag until Boud got her camera out and act together.  Which was more than they could say for Blondie Firstborn, who climbed out of the traveling bag leaving dress behind, and displaying her hand knitted silk undies to the world, shrieks, leaping, back into dress.


So here's the Christmas Reveal, red felt dresses accessorized with lace courtesy of Judy T.   Merry Season to us all!


  1. And they called her The Streak?!! Elton must bone up on that song....

  2. Every girl needs a red Christmas dress. Very stylish.

  3. PS. Very good Magpie. I like your wit.

  4. what lovely dresses, Liz, and how nice that lace complements them. your photos make me wish I lived near enough to visit your gallery. It seems a lovely, serene place to be.


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