Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year to us all!

Some of us have already seen in the New Year, and some are working up to it.  And some of us are planning a nice quiet evening with a movie and a glass of wine, and will probably not make it to midnight.

This morning brought one of those wonderful skies, with the ice particles high up in the air creating sundogs.  I saw one, they look like a very bright chunk of rainbow, which disappeared in a few seconds, then reappeared twice as bright, for just a few seconds, in the eastern sky.  We get these at sunset, usually, in clear cold weather.

I tried a picture, which involved stepping out onto the frigid patio, ow, but I think the camera didn't see what the eye did.  Anyway, this is this morning about 8.30, great last sunrise of the year with a sundog barking through the wild cherry branches. 

So, the hounds of spring on winter's traces, at least that's the plan for the new year!  HNY, all!


  1. Happiest of New Year happys to you too!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Liz. Very belated I'm afraid - still fighting with my blasted computer.


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