Sunday, November 3, 2013

Creative energy's returning and showing up in the kitchen!

I know I'm going in the right direction in getting well again (thanks, Stefi for that remark, which was just great to read) since I actually did some experimental food today.

This is what you might call Neighborhood Baked Green Tomatoes!  Karen A. gave me a whole bunch of green tomatoes figuring I'd probably know how to cook them.  And I decided to bake them, sliced, half an hour with oven at 350F with a breading of egg and crushed Indian snack food which was whole peanuts in a shell of very spicy stuff.  Crushed like breadcrumbs, mixed with a bit of flour.

Anyway, you see them here, beautiful slices of green tomato with reddish inside, what a beading design that would be, then "breaded" with the mixture I explained, then served for my evening meal.  

I've always thought that cooking for one gives you one of the most appreciative audiences you can have!  Cooking for an appreciative audience is nice, but we often don't have that! that's why women invented other women would really tuck in and enjoy their food.

Great fun to be playing in the kitchen again, and I'll save samples for both the friend who gave me the toms and the friend (her next door neighbor) from whom the spicy peanuts came.

I sampled this myself, and really liked it a lot.  You have to like spicy to enjoy this.  And a glass of Yellowtail Moscato, odd sort of choice, but it's very light, sparkling, fruity sort of wine, perfect to offset the highly spicy tomatoes.  Worked for me, anyway.  

I don't consider myself much of a wine person, you'll be relieved to hear, since you won't read any "I'm amused by the presumption of this little wine" kind of comments here.  In fact I expect you'd be amused by my presumption if I started making them! But this was just a nice experiment that worked, so I thought I'd mention it.


  1. original and looks very tasty. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. These look really good! Sometimes I miss our garden. I'm with you on the wine - to me, it pretty much all tastes the same...which horrifies those who are aficionados.

  3. Glad you're back into kitchen mode. They are fabulous looking tomatoes and the concoction sounds rather nice - cheeky little wine and all.


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