Friday, November 15, 2013

Pumpkins ahoy!

Aside from the giant pumpkin which is now known by my neighbors as the squirrel buffet, I got a nice little eating pumpkin in my last of the year farmshare.

So today I made a giant pot of pumpkin and split pea soup, with rosemary pesto, and croutons sizzled onto the soup bowl from the pan, homemade wholewheat bread.  Very nice.  The sizzle really does spark up your appetite.  

No pix, since it's 1. eaten for lunch and 2. put into little containers for a couple of favored dear friend neighbors Karen and Girija, and now sitting on their steps to cheer them when they come home from work and 3. in the freezer.  I usually text people when I leave a treat on their step so they don't squash it flat by walking right on it unawares.

I started doing this sizzling trick when HP, in his later months, had difficulty getting interested in food, having lost all his sense of taste and smell years before (medication blunder by doctor, sigh).  I tried the sizzling right in front of him, and he said, gosh, I can't wait to try this!  ha.  And he did enjoy his soup a lot more.The feller who invented that saying about selling the sizzle, not the steak, had a point.

I also got a great tip from Girija, my vegetarian Indian friend (religious reasons, very careful about food ingredients) to spark up a soup,a dash of lemon juice on the serving just before eating.  Works a treat.  That or a spoonful of plain yogurt, which I have been doing for years, but the lemon juice is a nice other choice.

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  1. Now, I have never heard about a splash of lemon juice on soup as a garnish - I'll have to try it! Yogourt, sour cream, grated cheese, all these things, but lemon juice is news to me. This is the wonderful thing about the web and the people who share on it, so much to learn and what fun it is in the process! - Jean in Cowtown


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