Thursday, November 7, 2013

Statistics and other random stuff, eat your heart out, Twitterverse!

Today's a quiet observance of the birthday of a long departed sister. And on the 17th another birthday, another long departed sister.  The 18th is my parents' wedding anniversary, I think, not certain, the 93rd anniversary.  The 22nd is the fifth anniversary of the opening of this blog, which now boasts 800 posts, and many many pageviews.  When I hit publish, it will be 801, but who's counting.. December 4 is the birthday of Tarang, honorary grand daughter now a college freshman. December 15 I will be 75, which is a nice round number, three quarters of a century, oh. Then December 28th will be my fiftieth anniversary of arriving on this continent, never to leave, to live happily ever after.  

Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, nothing to report!


  1. Good history lesson! Days of reflection, days of celebration....three cheers for you.

  2. Methinks that's quite a lot to report!

  3. Lots of numbers not least of which is the 50 years away from your country of birth. Don't know that I could have done that. It was hard enough moving 3 hours down the road. Good for you on all your numbers.


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