Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Dollivers Bring in the Sheaves. And the apples. And squash. And green tomatoes. And broccoli

Today was the last farmshare day of the season.  I thanked Jill S., the farmer, for another wonderful year of produce, and I'll email Amy, her daughter, who organizes and runs the CSA for the farm, to let her know all that work was worth it. Definitely signing up again next year.

So here are the Dollivers, with the last great bounty of the year. Not shown is the broccoli, processed and reposing in the freezer to keep it fresh.

Today, friend and local small contractor, Michael E., was finishing up a bit of exterior work for me, and I gave him a couple of snacks to take home.  He's a great cook, always interested in what I cook.

I had made patties from Hubbard squash, from last week's farmshare, steamed till very tender, then mashed with some egg, tofu, and a bit of seasoning.  The patties I rolled in an Indian spicy crispy snack thing, name unknown, which I crushed to crumbs. Then sauteed in a bit of olive oil. Very spicy, very good.  Had them for lunch. 

So a couple of them went home with Michael to try out.  He's making zucchini lasagna tonight and I want the recipe if they like it. Neighborhood food exchange!


  1. Methinks the D's need to learn to cook! Looks like another grand haul from your timeshare.

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  3. Lady Liz, I really wish I lived close to you so that I could try your culinary treats.

  4. dolliver on the right saying "is this an apple I see before me?"

  5. Mmmm the patties sounds lovely! Nothing like qa good food exchange. I got some apple pie this morning. I don't think it will make it past lunch time. ;)


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