Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spinach quiche, but it's kale.

Still finding energy somewhere, and cooking is about my speed right now.  Made a nice crustless quiche from dianesowo's recipe, which I've made many times.  

Hers is a spinach quiche, but I didn't have spinach. I did, however, have a  great big bag of kale, shoved unprocessed into the freezer a few weeks ago, ready for whenever I was in the mood to deal with it.  I figured that kale would cook down exactly like spinach, and so it did. 

And since I had the eggs and sharp cheddar and onions and garlic, I was all set.  I like this way of doing kale: bust it up frozen solid, made that very easy, removed tough stems, rinsed the leaf bits, then steamed like spinach, and added to the rest of the items, in a pie plate at 350F for 30 minutes.  

Here's the quiche,minus today's lunch.  That's a full meal for me, which is probably why I'm not, unlike a lot of people who love to cook and eat their output, traditionally built like Mme Ramotswe in the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency!  I keep on being surprised at how small I seem to be these days -- why am I not that great big tall woman I always thought I was?  well, I have lost a couple of inches, and that seems to have pushed me below the threshold into the petite section. 

Aside from making it a lot harder to work on my kitchen counter or reach the top shelves in the cabinets.  I guess five foot five is the standard height you need to be to work at the standard counter.  Taller than that and you're bent double with a back ache.  Smaller than that and your shoulders are all tired out.

I've toyed with standing on a little platform, but I know my memory, and it's only a matter of time before I forget and step back and knock myself out falling backward!

I now have a bit more room in the freezer -- kale takes up a ton of room, almost as bad as a cat in a double bed -- and a nice quiche for future meals, warm or cold depending on the mood of the cook, in the fridge.  This is good.   Oh, and it tasted okay, too.



  1. New to me use of Kale. I'll have to try it. Hope the cooking means you're feeling better.

  2. Do you have room in your kitchen for a little island...built shorter for comfortable use? Might be something worth thinking about. Our son has the exact opposite problem - he's 6'8" and is having a higher island built so he can cook in relative comfort.

  3. Those all-in-one quiche recipes are great. Spinach, kale, silver beet (swiss chard), I'm sure they're all interchangeable. Glad you're getting back in the swing of things.


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