Thursday, October 31, 2013

Slouching towards health

So I have the go ahead to resume walking and free weights, in an attempt to recover my energy, which has gone walkabout.  Weights went okay yesterday, workout divided into two shorter sessions.  

But walking, or rather staggering, around the block takes more stamina, it seems.  Handsome Partner, in the days when he could still more or less walk used to say,well, I'm off for a little stumble, see you in a few minutes!  He definitely came to mind as I trudged around, stopping gratefully every few minutes to take pix of the last flowers of the year with bees still putting in their workday.

Some of these are just plain lovely to enjoy, with the fall tree colors, and some, the fallen wild cherry logs with lichen all over them, are great design suggestions.  Reminds you of Kaffee Fassett, who's very keen on lichens.


  1. It's chilly here this morning and I'm stuck behind a computer. Thank you for letting me take a walk with you, and thank you for sharing these pretty, pretty bits of it! xoxo

  2. Ever so nice photos! And yes, walking does require a lot of energy!!! Glad to know you are on the mend.

  3. It was very nice of folks to put photogenic articles just when you needed a rest! Do hope you're regaining your healthy self!

  4. Very pretty flower and trees. Don't overdo things.


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