Saturday, October 26, 2013

Diwali comes home to the Dollivers

Close friend Girija invited me across the street a little while ago, saying I have something you will just LOVE, brought from India yesterday. 

Evidently her husband, on a flying visit to India to settle his father back there at home, had been instructed to pick up various packages shopped for by G's craft-loving sister.  And there was a wonderful treasure trove of seed beads in wonderful colors, flat sparkly gems for shisha work, gold and silver thread, oh gosh, what a treat.  All for me!

When husband R.  stopped off in HongKong on business on his way back, he'd had to offload some weight, since the amounts are smaller from HK to the US than from India, but he was strictly instructed to KEEP my things, no matter what else went!

So I'm blessed with all these good wishes, and the accessories for my future stitching adventures.  Also some Indian sweets to celebrate Diwali which starts late next week and goes on for several days.

We have new neighbors, replacing the old friend who moved away, an Indian family who instantly decorated for Diwali, including chalked drawings on their threshold, very traditional designs.

Oh, the Dollivers are thrilled that I'm recovering to the point of considering their plans for my beads...they are jonesing for Diwali outfits now.  We'll see.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a great addition to your stash! You have such lovely friends to think of you when they're traveling.

margaret said...

can see you getting very creative with these new goodiesw

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you`re recovering in order to be of service to the Dollivers, demanding little trolls...J in Cowtown

Minimiss said...

Oh, you lucky thing. Nothing like unexpected gifts from afar. Enjoy Diwali.