Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teeth and toothsome

So the morning was spent at the dentist getting an expensive piece of work done and listening to his accounts of how he can't afford a vacation because he had to go to a family wedding on the other coast last year, with family of six in tow, and this year his daughter's graduation from law school, another cross country event with six in tow.  As he worked I wondered if he knew that this morning I waved byebye to any vacation this year for me, on account of the work he was doing...but it's very well done, and I'd rather have a functioning mouth and car, did I mention the car needed urgent medical care, too, than most things.

While I was listening to his recital, I was wondering happily what would be in my farmshare today.  The weather has been so unpredictable, what with blazing sun and massive downpours, that the farm people said, sorry, we don't know what we'll be picking but we'll do mystery baskets and you'll like them.  Which indeed I did.

Today it was lovely blueberries, cucumber, green beans and a whole bunch of redskin potatoes.  So the usual farmshare cooking and chopping and freezing frenzy ensued today.

Now I have blueberry jam in the freezer, along with the strawberry jam of a couple of weeks ago, and a supply in the fridge, big bowl of finely sliced cucmber in vinegar for ze Eeengleesh teatime sandwiches, steamed potatoes ready to make into potato salad, bowl of steamed green beans for salad, too.  Happy camper here.  All is well chez Liz.

I had enough blueberries to make half the usual recipe, and it worked so well I think I'll do that from now on.  Smaller batches really do set up well and work terrific.  I have developed a taste for my own bread, thin sliced, with cucumber, and other slices with a nice spread of homemade jam.  I think I'll make a few more small batches over the summer and freeze some of each.  A friend is already on the lookout for prune plums at her farmers market for me.

And I believe corn is up for next week's farmshare.  Now that requires only a single minute in the microwave, then strip off the green soft leaves and the silks, bit of butter, big shake of black pepper, gourmet food.  And I'll strip kernels and freeze them for winter use.  They taste marvelous at Thanksgiving, hard as it is to realize that will be here at some point!


  1. Yikes for the dentist and the car hospital but the farm-share goodies sure sound good.

  2. I really do have a hard time feeling sorry for your dentist. Six kids...law school??

  3. As one Snapdragon to another, it makes my teeth ache to talk about dentists, but your small portions of jam making sounds good. Nice to bring summer into winter.

  4. The dentist: two parents, four kids. party of six!

  5. Wonderful farmshare goodies. Maybe the store B. frequents will have some large tubs of blueberries - I'll bake him a blueberry pie if they do.


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