Sunday, July 14, 2013

Second storey work, neighborhood style

No pix of the second storey work in question, because I was far too nervous worrying about my neighbor trotting up to my roofline on his new ladder, in flipflops (!) to clip off a stray cable that the chimney workers left sticking out, trailing down the side of the building and looking awful, but clipped to the soffit so you couldn't tug on it from below without tearing out the soffit, too.

So his girlfriend and he showed up on the patio, and set up the ladder and I begged them to wait a minute, since I was under orders to summon my handywoman in crime from down the street to make sure all went well.  She arrived, having abandoned her husband in the middle of assembling a ceiling fan, much to his dismay,and all went well. 

But my high anxiety about the ladder, and the neighbor and the flipflops rendered the use of a camera, even with the shake function on, impractical.

I returned the favor by helping him prune his foliage, name escapes me, so it looks nice, not all cut about.

Then I went back to listening to Plutocrats on CD while I stitched my latest goldwork and bead piece.  Which you can see here:

Shortly after that while I was wondering whether I could tolerate going out in the heat to an art opening locally where I have a piece of work in the show, when another friend arrived and needed to give me various bits of news which couldn't wait.  

So I figured the person in front of you has priority, and I made a pot of tea and after she departed put flamenco guitar music on.  It's all go in this supposedly quiet neighborhood.


  1. It's just lucky you are retired, otherwise you would not have time for anything!

  2. Who said I'm retired? I'm not. I still teach and exhibit and sell my work. That's a working artist.

  3. It occurs to me belatedly that, being in a different time zone, you may not have realized all this frenzy took place on a Sunday!

  4. Flip flops...on a ladder??? Talk about a recipe for disaster! 'Course you wouldn't get me up on any sort of ladder for any reason - flip flops or not!!

  5. Ah yes, the immortality of youth.

    I guess I'd better not take a photo of my grey sweater coat pieces, had I...ha ha ha.

    (this is where I need an interrobang on my keyboard)

    Beautiful beadwork, Liz.


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