Saturday, July 13, 2013

Show and Tell for the Township

Not my township, but the one where I often go to the library.  Today was Vehicle Day, where one of every type of police vehicle was in the library parking lot, ready for little kids to swarm all over, set off the sirens and lights, play driver on the big fire truck, find out what squad cars have in the trunk (answer: big case of first aid and other supplies), see into the ambulance,  and generally have a great time.  The kid who set off the siren right into my ear, causing temporary deafness, was a civilian about thirty years old, though, but with a slightly youthful sense of humor...

Boiling hot and humid day, police in uniform good naturedly lifting kids up and down all morning, probably thinking the regular beat is a bit more peaceful. 


  1. DH would have loved that. I don't think little boys ever grow up especially when it comes to fire-engines and sirens and such.My brother is tripping around bits of California at the moment and we are seeing photos of fire-engines on his Facebook page. Funny coming from a 50+yo. A bit like a train spotter (grin).

  2. I love good libraries that do this
    sort of thing, Liz. My local
    library had a cow and a calf in
    the parking lot a day or two ago.
    They had lots of people on hand to
    answer questions and a hands on milking demonstration... what
    great fun for city kids!

  3. What a great idea! The kids that participated won't have a fear of the vehicles and personnel after this.


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