Thursday, July 18, 2013

LIly and Call Me Michelle in partnership

What with one thing and another, I needed to do something different, so I decided to finally finish the Dolliver sweater dress that has been on the needles since shortly after the trip to the alpaca farm.

So here's Call Me Michelle, posing elegantly in her alpaca gear, courtesy of Alpaca Lily, whom we met at the farm, and whose picture appears on the tag that came with the yarn.

Protesting that we're in the middle of a heatwave, why get into cosy alpaca gear, she was mollified when I reminded her that fashion shoots always take place in the opposite season from the clothes. Models in heavy winter gear are usually passing out from the heat in July, and bathing suits are organized to be shot in midwinter, when disguising goose bumps is an issue.

Can't believe how long it took me to finish this item, but I feel better now that it's done.  My inner compulsive can now pipe down.  But now Call Me Michelle is wondering if I have enough yarn left for a nice hat...for her, that is.


  1. Oh that inner compulsiveness! Yes, I am thinking strongly about finishing the grey sweater coat. Thinking rilly hard, rilly.


  2. far too hot for sweaters. I understand how annie feels...I have a sweater coat underway, for ages, which might just find itself felted into a tote bag. So there!

  3. That alpaca looks quite squilicious even if a bit warm for your current temps. Would make a scrummy hat I'm sure.


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