Friday, July 12, 2013


Today is Manhattanhenge: the day of the year when the rays of the setting sun align perfectly with the street grid of Manhattan.  At least they will if if stops raining and clouding.

The Dollivers decided they needed to celebrate this annual phenomenon with a Dollhenge tribute.  Dressed in sunworshipping gear, despite the threatening rain,

they got into formation.  Note that Blondie Firstborn, owing to the great delicacy of her complexion, special snowflake you know, insisted on keeping her hat.

Elton was a bit puzzled about what music should accompany this.  He jettisoned his entourage to paw through his sheet music for Druidic items.  Planet Suite?  a bit beyond his range.New World Symphony? nah, short a few instruments.  So he figured that since the original henges were about rocks, the Druids no doubt loved rock.  So he burst into a great retro rendition of Rock around the Clock, amazingly appropriate when you think about it, with thanks to Bill Haley and the Comets.


  1. I could do with a bit of sun worshipping at the moment - that's if there was some sun. We've had some bone chillingly cold days this week. Enjoy the warm temps while you can, with or without rain.

  2. Tee hee! A good one (as usual, of course!).
    The Dollivers are so creative.

  3. I do hope the sunbathers remembered to wear their sunscreen!


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