Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth! from my little corner of America the Beautiful

Hot, thundery, sunny, July day, when I'm very thankful that the signers tolerated this kind of heat and humidity in Philadelphia all that time ago, dressed in warm woollen gear, all the doors and windows shut against spies, to argue out the documents we love today.

Here's the International House of Dolls, posing outside my little bit of America the Beautiful to wish you all a good day!

Elton played a great rendition of every Sousa march he could remember, then America the Beautiful, my choice for national anthem, if I ever get to be queen, and slipped in a bit of O Canada in honor of Canadian doll, and Canada Day earlier this week.  And he played us out, and his backup chorus of small dolls harmonizing along, with Summertime.

The Dollivers sat on the review stand, aka red chair, waiting patiently for the parade to pass, before finding they were the parade, and they join me in wishing you a great day, with all the freedom you can handle, whether or not it's your Independence Day.


  1. Happy 4th to you and all the D's! Glad you all enjoyed the parade.

  2. Enjoy your Independence Day, Liz.

  3. Oh, dear...I think your email was hacked again?

  4. Yes, it was hacked, very little damage this time, and I've done all the fixes. Again! no sweat.


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