Monday, March 28, 2011

Felt, the Fiber of the Future

The trees are at that lovely red stage before the leaves open fully, so I had to whip out my trusty digi and capture this one to show HP after my walk, but I digress from the main issue of the day, which is:

Fifty Ways to Felt your Future! see the stock market indexes, commodities exchange, for prices on felt can see how people get carried away once they start on this addictive art form.

Anyway, in the course of finding other sweaters around the house to felt, in an access of enthusiasm, I included two that are very good lambswool, but were far too big for either HP or me, felted them and found that they now fit perfectly!

So he has a renewed jacket, a lovely thing, in fact, Italian made, in charcoal gray lambswool, knitted in a quaker rib, which now actually fits him and looks great. And I have a green short fitted jacket which was once a great big huge jacket that made me look like a shambling denizen of the forest. Now it's more Hepburn than Frankenstein, which has to be a good thing.

So those pieces did not make it into the felt collection.

However, I thought I'd show you the current output of what did:

This little purse, sized for cellphone or other highfalutin piece of electronic wearable gear

goes with the red bag you saw earlier, but which I can't resist showing again, my firstborn bag, you know

And the fair isle piece yielded three bags, which are in fact reversible, clever me, but I prefer the "wrong" side of the fabric to the "right", so that's what I'm showing you here

All this is happening in the intervals of making the bigger tapestry, but my hands need a change of movement to avoid getting all stiff and unhappy. The bags also involved crocheting the handles. The yellow strap is single crochet, but the other two are double crochet, long enough to hang from your shoulder, that kind of thing. I have used Icord in the past but found it stretched and stretched and ended up having to be artfully looped and knotted to work as a strap, so crochet works better here.

So that's the News from the Felting Front. The fair isle bags are for sale, at $25US each plus $3 s and h, and I will send all proceeds to the Japan Relief Fund which is happening here locally. Just thought I'd do my bit. Please email me with your choice, in order to make sure of it, and we'll go from there.

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  1. All very cute bags Liz. I have a small bag collection myself but almost always seem to use the same one except for special occasions as I can't be bothered transfering the important bits from one to another. Good luck with the fundraising.



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