Friday, March 11, 2011

Daffodils, crocus and jade

After days of intense thumping rain, today the sun and the worms were out, the beech trees were stretching out in the sunshine against the spring sky

and the daffodils in the woods, which our family planted as a 9/11 memorial, have come up faithfully again, soon to bloom.

The ones on the patio, among the pachysandra, more sheltered, are a bit more advanced.

I love pachysandra. It dresses up the most unlikely places, and plants growing through it are framed. All it needs is yanking out now and then, and I give bags of it away to neighbors who didn't realize you don't always have to buy plant material.

Then the neighbors' crocuses have started up, and I got in quick before the robins rip them apart.

I think they like the yellow bits, because they just tear into them as soon as they open. The longest I ever managed to keep crocuses was two days.

And then the universe brought me a present, in the shape of this little maybe jade maybe something cheaper, carved pendant on a hand knotted red string. Probably a leftover from Chinese New Year, which I found in the middle of the street no knowing whose it was or how it got there, so I took it into my custody.

We've been studying the carving to see what the heck it is about, but can't distinguish any shapes such as rabbit or that kind of animal. It might just be about clouds. If anyone has any input do let us know. It's a nice little piece, and will certainly find its way into something or other around here.

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  1. Aren't the crocus yellow bits where saffron comes from? The robins have good taste...


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