Saturday, March 5, 2011

Booksales and Birding

The official Outdoorsdoll decided that March is here, and it must be spring. This means first stop the spring booksale at the local library. Where she picked out a handmade blank book

with many pages of lovely mulberry paper which I already have nonbook plans for, and posed in front of what she assumed was

the Book of Dolliver.

Next we repaired to the wilderness preserve, where, as she pointed out, she was already togged out in birding clothes, very muted colors, blending right in, and the pink hat? that was so that if any great big redtailed hawk grabbed her, the rescuers would be able to spot her right away. I pointed out that the honking great pin in the hat was unlikely birding wear, but she in turn pointed out that she was not some schlump who went out birding without jewelry, for doll's sake.

And she was right about spring, because there was a huge gang of redwing blackbirds all shouting joyfully in the trees.

Major cheering sign of spring here. And a large field of Canada geese,not exactly a sign of spring, and I mentioned that we could get a lot closer to see them better, but she had eyed them for size

and decided that up a tree and across a field from them was a perfectly adequate vantage point, thank you.

However, she was happy to get close to the chickadees at the feeders

and in the trees, along with the mourning doves, feathers whistling as they flew off.

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  1. I was reading the other day (can't remember where) that chickadees are actually one of the most aggressive birds, especially when they are being banded. I couldn't believe could those cute little birds possibly be aggressive? Hadn't better tell Ms. Dolliver that though, or she will never go birding again!!


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