Monday, April 5, 2010

When the forsythia blooms, you know it's March going into April

Pictures taken on the last day of March, then early April, with forsythia blooming wildly, flanking the walking path

reflected in ruffled water, since there was a stiff Spring breeze blowing.

And framing up new willow green

And the eternal Canada goose triangle being worked out before mating and nesting

And a squirrel busy with an acorn defying me to do anything about it,

in front of an evergreen sapling, which makes the squirrel look about ten feet tall, at least that's what he thinks.

And a fallen tree, casualty of the recent storms, one of many,

and you see the place where the pinesap leached out of the rings and crystallized in the cold.

And a picture of a fallen twig, complete with gall, which seems to have wasp activity.

And nature taking a hand with a piece of buried glass, which mosses used as a kind of natural terrarium

And finally Bradford pears just coming into blossom. I know a lot of people disapprove of them since they only blossom, never fruit, but they are still a great sight at this time of year.

Great material to just look at, and draw, and paint and just generally bask in.


  1. I never tire of looking at your lovely photos. I'm sure your HP feels the same.


  2. Wonderful forsythia blooms but how sad that they are clipped instead of allowed to be their natural graceful selves. There's one at the end of our little park and I must go down to see if it's in bloom yet. Your lovely blogs always remind me of some pleasant (well, not the knitting) thing to go and do or see.


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