Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the grip, but it's starting to loosen and let me out...

I'm coming to the end of this series of watercolors, will have maybe eight or ten in the collection, and I've framed four to date. Show to be set up summer or fall, I have been invited to pick the month (in the new gallery you saw at the libe, yay). And I will have to pay attention to tapestry after the painting frenzy has died down briefly, since it's going to be a true mixed media show, with tapestry and paintings, just total contrast in materials, though it's about natural scenes and flowers, very loosely translated!

So here are paired tree pix, which started out as one large painting until I realized it was trying to be two, so I went with that! sometimes the artist is just the medium through which the art takes place. If you fight it you end with mud or stiff little works! better just let it happen, and use all your skills and experience to guide it into a finished work, rather than try to hammer it into shape.

Important footnotes: thank you people who emailed me very touchingly about yesterday's thanks to homecare professionals, yes, you get it!

AND the first journal is now in Ontario, will make its way soon to Calgary, then to Toronto after that to points west...yay again.

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