Friday, April 16, 2010

Positively Burgeoning, I tell you!

Today's walk around the park yielded a motherlode of pix, to show HP when I got home, in the couple of days before either it rains and knocks the blossoms off, or it blows hard and blows the blossoms off, or we get one of our sneaky late frosts which freezes the blossoms off. Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, it's set fair.

I love walking in the park, because it's a constant human comedy. Yesterday I saw a woman walking briskly and reading at the same time. Now I could get a step or two before disaster would take over, but she was going at quite a clip, intent on her romance novel, I figured from the graphics on the jacket.

Today it was the little girl with a notebook and pencil, she was all of five, solemnly making notes about some tree she was looking at while her grandmother jiggled the stroller with her baby brother in it to keep him happy. Or the three women (all my fellow walkers are Indian or Chinese in the daytime) talking rapidfire in Hindi, waving bracelet- encrusted arms to make their points while a fourth right behind them, rolled her eyes toward me, and grinned, evidently she's heard all this dialog before.

Every year I think to myself, hm, should I take pictures of blossoms yet again? then I say, self, see how amazed you are to see them, that you're still alive and vertical and moving at speed, yes, take the pictures. So I do and I did and here they are.

Bradford Pear at the end of the street

Riot of color at the entrance to the street, not very great color combo, but you have to give it points for verve!

Looking up into flowering cherry

I realized that I could walk on the berm and look down into a flowering crab tree, a bird's eye view, so I did

oops, I did it again...and then one more before it's time for tea...


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I love your pictures, wish I had a better camera, most of mine are a bit hit and miss. Will put up a link to yours on my blog (if I can figure out how)

  2. Beautiful -- and I'm nodding with your thought process wrt to "yet more blossom photos?"
    I'm finding that when I dive into my photo archives each photo brings back so much more about the day and I'm glad to live the gladness again.


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