Saturday, April 24, 2010

Azalea Time again

Today I had free time thanks to HS visiting to help with HP's care and let me get out. So I wisely went to the thrift store and found three sweaters to unravel.

One is heavy brown tweedy cotton, will probably become a knitted wallhanging artpiece, one is a lovely soft green lambswool, will become warm hats or something, and one is silk, the pink one, a new departure for me, and we'll see how it goes. It will be part of an artwork if it goes well.

Then, on the way home, I realized I was passing close by Sayen Gardens, where the wedding excitement took place last year, longtime readers will remember, but today, though there was a wedding, no collisions at all. Just a lovely time walking about and seeing the guests leaving some other party.

And since it's azalea time, not my favorite shrub, but nemmind, it's a state law that you must take pictures of same and show them to family and friends.

And rotten old wisteria, trying to do in a lovely evergreen, why I don't like wisteria and don't encourage it...

Then, since humans keep on getting in there, you have great scenes like this one

of bulldog Lola lying down, panting and swearing and refusing to go on, while Grandma gamely forges ahead, refusing to wait, leaving the family torn between should we pick up this massive dog and carry her and not lose Grandma or should we stick with Grandma and hope Lola comes around...I left them debating this issue.

The gardens have a lot of nooks with benches in them for just sitting and smelling the lovely scents of spring, including spicebush, which you can't often find, since the scent literally drifts for hundreds of yards and is probably in somebody's back yard down the street a bit.

I also saw a man doing his meditation beside the water, but didn't think it proper to take a picture of that, so you have to take my word for it, and enjoy the old gent in the sunshine who got into my water picture.

Then home to tea.


  1. What an absolute joy to see these photos and glimpse your walk! Love the color, the paths, the greens and textures, the Givenchy bridge, even the people! :OP

    Thanks, dear Liz!

    love maj

  2. What a beautiful day, Liz! Kudos to HS for making it possible! You're doing such lovely photos ... I had to do a double-take at Sayen Gardens because a few of the areas in your shots are almost identical to ones at our Dallas Aroboretum! I was beginning to think you had come to Dallas without telling me! ;-)

    Thank you for your thoughtful notes - they mean much to me. I'm rather slow and behind at the moment but can feel myself rallying with the season. Time is a healer, I know but I'm feeling rather like Mr. Costanza in the old Seinfeld episode screaming for "Serenity ... NOW!" ;-)

    Your pages are wonderfully uplifting!


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