Monday, April 26, 2010

Studio madness!

The different avenues of art in this house are dizzying: downstairs it's all fiber and knitting and weaving and moving slowly and with deliberation, and keeping HP company.

Up in the studio, brief bursts of total madness and excitement, and aside from the pieces I'm showing you here, more in the works....this is too cool.

I think it's partly having survived our first home nursing year and being in pretty good shape, both of us. It's unleashed a wave of painting.

To kind inquirers, yes, my work is always for sale, and these pieces, trying to remember to answer questions here, are all either 16 x 20 or 20 x 16, depending on which way they're oriented.

These will probably be shown before too long, and I'm thinking of a joint watercolor/fiber art show, because people always get intrigued by the very different sorts of art one person can make, at the same time, too.


  1. I'm loving your paintings Liz.


  2. completely bowled over by your painting Liz. When I saw the first pic I just said "Awe its luverly".

  3. They are gorgeous, Liz. The first one pictured just took my breath away!

  4. These are so awesome! Just love it!


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