Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art keeps breaking in

The watercolor adventure in the studio is going on whenever I can get a little while up there to work. I have to get moving, because before long it will be too hot up there (AC doesn't exactly reach there, third floor, you know) to work and the paint will dry even faster than I want, which is saying something.

So anyway, here's a couple of the recent output up there, others lying about there, waiting for a good idea to emerge as to what to do next, or awaiting the shredder, or maybe going to have a new life in a different form in the same series.

Here are orchid

and iris.

Several people asked me to remember to give the dimensions, so I'm being very good about this. The pieces are matted, the mat opening of orchid is 13 x 10 (as you know, height precedes width in measuring art) but the whole piece is 20 x 16. Iris is 10 x 8, these are all inches....but is matted into a 20 x 16 frame, with a mat opening about 9 x 7, since a small work always does better with a big margin around it. They're both framed in plain light wood, very lowkey.

And, as usual, please please make no use of any of my images without clearing it first with me, okay? thank you.

Some updates: the Nautilus journal has gone from here to Ontario, thence to Calgary and is being mulled over before it goes off to Toronto, after that to Wisconsin, and points west....

And I'm getting more and more ads about what they call "monetizing" this blog, i.e. making in income from advertising, mentioning products for $$, that kind of thing, and I just wanted to make sure readers know I don't do this, don't plan to, not my style. So when I review anything or talk about products it's strictly my own inner control freak coming out, nobody is paying me to talk, but that never stopped me yet....

Also, when I offer an item in a sort of lottery thing, it's not to enlarge readership, but because the item needs a home and maybe a blogista's home is the right one. And it does not mean your email address will ever be shared, sold, none of that stuff. This is strictly a friendly deal.

Speaking of which, I noticed a terrific idea on Ravelry the other day. A poster was mulling, there's that word again, over whether to open a blog, and not sure if she wanted the work entailed in it, or if she would keep on having enough to say (how do people ever run out, I ask, but I digress) and the suggestion came that she be a guest poster now and then on other blogs. I love this idea!!!

So listen, blogista friends, if you fancy being a guest here in Field and Fen, write a post on something specific you fancy writing about, share some pix you want to share with this group, heck, recipes, whatever you feel like imparting, but you're not quite ready for a Blog of Your Own, get in touch with me. You can email me about it, and we'll work out the logistics together. This could be fun.

Stick with me and you'll be in no end of trouble....


  1. I keep returning to the orchid image.
    Such gorgeousness. It is ripe and liquid and
    full of life.


  2. Oh, Liz ... these are stunning! Are you showing them? May very well be among my faves of your work. Anonymous said it very well before me - love the energy and life bursting forth!

  3. The iris painting would be wonderful on a sheer silk square. I love the shades.

  4. Ah, found some of your watercolors. They are lovely. --Janet


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