Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Nautilus and other adventures

It strikes me that Once is Not Enough, at least in the realm of round robin journals, so I'm sending off a sister journal, starting at a different person, but following the same sequence of people we already set up. This way you have a second bite! First recipient is Irene, known in comments on this blog as Dogonart, and we'll go from there. Then we'll have two, count them, two, journals circulating.

This one's different, as you'll see from the pix, also handmade, but with loose leaves tied in a cover, so you can mix and match, please try not to mislay any pages (!) and generally have a good time playing.

Again the inner pages are Arches Hot Press, lovely paper to write, draw, print, glue, stamp on, whatever strikes you.

And this time the invitation is a bit different too: it asks you to examine a good thing, any good thing, and I suggest a list of categories, but you're not stuck with my ideas, and use that thing to work your page, drawing or painting, writing, whatever you like to do. Or you can cut and weave into your page, if you like that. Or sew into it. or knit a bookmark...

The back cover has a woven and stamped paper piece I made and mounted, of the nautilus.

This is a wildly interesting form of sea life which, as it outgrows each segment of its shell, seals it after her and moves on into a bigger section, never looks back, no regrets, just ready for the new adventure.

The woven paper is about the fabric of our lives, which I guess is pretty obvious, but it was nonetheless fun to make. I had a whole solo exhibit a couple of years ago on the subject of the nautilus, because I was ready to start being a Mature Person, cough, cough.

So look forward to this, and please let me know as you receive and send on your journal, the original Day in the Life and this one, Nautilus.



  1. Ooooo fun. You are really going to be testing my creativity.


  2. Wonderful, Liz. This is one of my favourite symbols, and I do have an artist's book from you with nautilus covers.

    I wonder how the Field & Fen Journal is doing. Are you getting reportage?


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