Monday, March 22, 2010

The Milkweed Project, late breaking wonderful news...

Right after I wrote my blog this morning, I checked into the Ravelry website and found that the Milkweek Project group installation is being assembled, wonderful work, created by about 200 artists, including this one.

Please follow (you may have to cut and paste, I don't think I can make hotlinks in here) to see the very latest pix, just taken and posted about an hour ago.

If you scroll down, you'll see a twirly piece, and there behind it is the ladder piece I made! looking very happy in such good company.

She kept me going, being my knitting in the operating room waiting area, the ICU, the telemetry unit, the hospital lunchroom, and now she's getting the credit for it!

I was able to stay in the art life designing and making this piece, through one of the most awful years of our joint and several lives, thanks to the Milkweed Project.

So, please, cut, paste, click, scroll, and enjoy!

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