Monday, March 22, 2010

Meanwhile, Spring continues...

Back in business again, energy returning, but I keep on sneezing since my poor old beezer thinks it's congested. Actually it's bruised inside, ow, but if that's all I have to whine about, well, poor me!

Meanwhile, wonderful Hali D. sent me an Alaskan care package, not related to the recent medical adventures (though she's had a few of her own, which she related with great good nature and poise, very Her!) but in relation to another transaction.

Anyway, you see part of my bounty in place on the bookcase, one of the few places the cats don't venture onto.

The ceramic dish, courtesy of her motheroutlaw, and two lovely rocks, one hematite, the other picked out by a two year old participant in this venture, is a lovely tablescape.

And nearby is the first daffodil of the year, which I brought in as a tightly furled bud, so that HP could see it progress, he being unable to see the daffodils out front. But the patio ones are coming along a treat, and we spent hours out there yesterday, lovely mild day, which he enjoyed a lot, bird watching, daffodil spotting and breathing in fresh air.

I also walked over to the woods out back to get him some pictures of our 9/11 memorial daffodils that he and HS and I all planted right after the attack, as our family's tribute. We got a huge sack of mixed varieties, HP pointed, HS and I dug (!) and they come up year after year. So I give you a picture of the first clump out there in bloom.

When he and I shuffle off this mortal coil, neither of us wants a funeral. But since we know friends like to have Something to Do, we both (and these are plans we hope will not be in action for years and years!) want friends to go out and plant daffodils if they work in their climate, or any other perennial that works better, so that life comes back year after year and reminds us of the great cycle we are all involved in at different places on the wheel. Also to give money to foodbanks and to animal rescue. There, that's about it. Make a note!!!

And the bigger tapestry is under way, with Heather's wonderful variegated yarn in evidence.

What you see here is the beginning, where I'm parting the segments, so that I will tighten up the right one to shape it differently, while the left part goes up straight. Later I will redivide them and create more openings and different shapes, but the red is the foundation yarn, before I go on to other kinds of fibers.

This is great fun, and as usual a joint effort: red areas courtesy of Heather, loom which is a set of canvas stretchers, courtesy of Stefi M., progress in spite of helpful Duncan who is determined to have that red yarn to play with. I did manage to get a picture of the work in progress without him pushing his head into the frame.

He was busy drinking milk out of a lovely Chinese ricegrain bowl, talk about spoiled. This is a kitten who started life in an open field! but he has come into his own.

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