Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March, in like a lamb

White rabbits from yesterday. It's March, and the weather is amazingly milder. Big coat already back in closet, sleeveless puffy vest now the approved outerwear for this coat-hater.

And the snows receded far enough on the patio to reveal brave little snowdrops battling through the ice and blooming like mad, all four of them. Look closely, they're there.

This time last year I was taking them into an intensive care hospital room for HP to enjoy, and it's so great that I can just show him them outside the living room window.

The cashmere scarf is finished, and all the profanity is forgotten and has floated away into the ether, while I admire the finished product.

So soft, such a nice drape.

She's posing here (I have a recipient in mind for this one, but since I think she or her SO reads in here, I shan't give it away, since it will be a surprise), along with the crocheted purse I made for my cellphone, to hang it around my neck at all times, just in case. In our situation, better always have a means of notifying people if something isn't in order around here.

It's a simple single crochet stitch, with the strap just a single chain, which is started at the bottom of each side, so that it can't come adrift. Since a lot of my clothes don't have pockets, this is a Good Thing to have. And I plan to resist the urge to stuff hankies and keys and wallet gear etc., in there...

On the subject of security precautions, I set up a system with HS where I call him daily early morning, leave a message on his voicemail, if he doesn't hear by about 10 a.m. he calls me, if he gets no answer on my cell he comes over (three minutes by car) to check. Which all sounds fine.

Except that last Monday, the first day of our system, I eventually found a message on the landline, HS patiently saying, Mom, I left a message on your cell. I think you forgot to call me. And you forgot to switch on the cell, so if you don't get back to me in a few minutes from now, I'll come over.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I had remembered I should have called, used the landline to leave a message, and finally, finally remembered to check my cell, found it was off, switched on and listened to his message.....we've done a bit better since then. Any eye rolling was kept strictly away from me, this is the most tactful son on the planet.


te_roti said...

That scarf looks nice and snuggly Liz. Someone is going to be very pleased with it I'm sure.


Boud said...

It's going out in the mail today. The recipient really really needs a present right about now.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

That scarf is stunning. I must go find you on Rav and fav it it. :-) Found you on the Blog Train group. Here is my blog: http://www.beancountingknitter.com/

annie1931 said...

What a soft and lovely scarf - I can almost feel it just from the photo.