Friday, March 19, 2010

Humans make plans, God says HA!

This blog first appeared on paper, you'll see why if you read on. It's written from notes and drawings I did yesterday.

Since last I blogged, was it only a couple of days ago? I had a rollercoaster 24 hours starting yesterday morning, which kicked off when I fainted dramatically upstairs, on my way down to see to HP's morning care.

Blessedly I had not reached the head of the stairs when it happened. Ublessedly, I hit the side of the washing machine with my head, on the way down, which will show up in the form of a great shiner and swollen nose for a few days. Blessedly, I have been carrying my cellphone in that little purse I showed you, the crocheted thing, around my neck at all times, so I could call HS while still lying on the floor, to come as soon as he could. Unblessedly, I could not call 911 since I could not leave HP with morning care undone, alone, in bed, and had to wait till HS got here, which he did as fast as he could. Blessedly, meanwhile I called my own doctor, whose nurse got back to me twice to get the story and insist I get in to the ER for evaluation.

So Plainsboro's Finest Rescue Squad ambulance with two angels in human form, took me into the Princeton Medical Center, yes I know the name's different now, I can't keep up with this incessant changing of names every ten years, ER where I was evaluated for: stroke, heart attack, lung cancer (don't know how that got in, but it did), concussion, and signs of life.

Many many tests, 24 hour heart monitoring in the hospital's fancy telemetry wing, which HP was in this time last year, echocardiograms, CAT scans, Xrays, EKGs much blood drawing and vital sign taking, visits from ER doctor, own doctor and cardio.

conclusion: after all the fear and boredom -- nothing to read, no ability to sleep because of all the tests, hence the note taking and drawing on nasty little pad with nasty little pen from Patient's Welcoming Folder, and fear of the outcomes -- they all concluded I had just fainted. Possibly from the pain of a cramp in my leg when I woke up, which was possibly caused by my statin meds, though I doubt this, since I've been having cramps for years and years before statins were in my life.

Machine at left is the brilliant heart monitor, weighs about a pound, sends wireless pix of the heart's shenanigans continually to a screen at the desk outside.

Seen right ahead, by patient in bed, exciting view of patient belongings bag all crumpled up, next to some machine whose function is unknown to me.

Artist's shaky gnarly old hand holding nasty pen.

Meanwhile, wonderful neighbors literally ran to help, one getting into the ambulance with me before I left to ask what I wanted him to do! I referred him to HS who was at the house by now, and a couple of other neighbors showed up, too. HS did wonderful work, taking care of every bit of HP's nursing care, with neighbors sitting with HP to let him do things like go home for overnight stuff, and then come in today to get me from the hospital, once they booted me out.

So it all comes down to: I now know what it is like to faint, never did it before, now know warning signs, now know that every part of my body that was checked is just fiiiiiine. Heart ticking just fine, no stroke signs, not even concussion.

Home now, quite tired, having been interrupted all night with more and more tests, but happy that the outcome seems to be okay.

It was a terrific dry run for HS of taking over in an emergency, and he used all the notes I'd created for him a few weeks ago to keep track.

When he left today to go off to work, he amused me hugely by turning and saying Mom, remember Dad has medication at three p.m., don't sleep through it....he really has taken this on!

So we both feel better about my trip planned for May, a huge three days at the shore, Cape May to be exact, now, since he's already done nearly everything, including transfer into the chair, much trickier than chair to bed. The catheter stayed on, so he wisely left it there, and still has to learn how to apply a new one, but that's fine for now.

Heck, he even fed and watered the bird and cats and cleaned litterboxes. He said he didn't know what to do for the plants so he didn't do anything, wise move. did dishes and laundry, too.

So, to my surprise,things are okay here. HP is very happy I'm back, but I think it's good for him, too,to see that I'm not the only person who can take good care of him.

I did these few little drawings in my hospital room, desperate attempt to pass the time, and wrote notes and thoughts, including this blog entry, fearing it might be my last, dramatic thought. Heck I even did a Sudoku printed on the side of the milk carton.

So here's wishing all of us an uneventful weekend!


Joyce Plunkett said...

Well, I GUESS we want an uneventful weekend. Holy cow, L**!! So glad you're checked out and everything's fine. And what great good fortune that you had a "control journal" (as Flylady might put it) for HS to use. I keep putting off making lists like that...

Sending some good "Cafe vibes" your way.


cathleen said...

Sorry this happened to you. I know from experience how a tiny little accident in the home can change things! Take care of yourself.

dogonart said...

Glad everything turned out well and hope you can get some rest. Now, don't laugh but I was given a helpful hint to prevent leg cramps in bed. Place a bar of soap under the bottom sheet. I know it sounds daft, but it works (well, most of the time anyway). Take care.

Heather said...

Oh, my goodness...that's so scary! I'm glad you're okay and that it wasn't anything serious, but...holy cow!

te_roti said...

OMG Liz, you don't do things by halves do you? Glad to hear to are AOK and things ran smoothly for HS and HP. Very satisfactory ending all 'round I would say.

How I wish I could draw like you. And your manual blog was a great idea to keep the boredom and worry at bay. Don't think I could have quite stretched to the sudoku. Do take care.


Gabriella said...

Well, Liz, when bad things happen you don't just make make art! I'm very glad you are OK.

dianesowo said...

OMG - I'm glad you're okay!!!