Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter is icumin in!

On the way to Easter, which as usual took me by surprise, how can I be expected to remember all that about the Spring equinox and the full moon and the Sunday after it being Easter, when we had 12 inches of rain in March, and moon's entire journey was eclipsed by drenching rain...anyway, it's about to be here.

So I have done my main form of celebration, which is more about celebrating spring and life in general, very nonsectarian stuff. I blow eggs, enough for HP, HS and me and one eggstra, sorry, in case of disasters, and decorate them differently each year. It's one of the few times I venture into the third dimension of painting, and I have to remember it all over again each time.

This year here are the blown eggs (blowing eggs is no doubt very good for your lungs and patience and you need to sit down afterwards..) and the contents in the pitcher next to it.

And the resulting omelet, we always eat the contents, was a particularly nice omelet as it turned out, with ham and tofu and cheese and scallions, quite popular, along with roast potatoes.

Finally, this year's eggs are rolled out:

then another view, other end, other side:

These were painted watercolor fashion, allowing colors to mix and blend. Then a coat of nail polish to seal them and make them stronger, then decorating with gold and silver pens. All this with the eager assistance of two kitties, resulting in cat hairs having to be carefully removed from the artwork.

And they will join the complete collection, eggs, not cats, after HS has chosen which of this year's crop he wants to keep.

This collection includes a Boehm bunny guarding the eggs, a Wedgwood miniature cup and saucer containing miniature eggs, from my long gone but never forgotten lutino cockatiel, a little Lenox kitten playing with a ball, cats get in everywhere, and the eggs are resting on a collection of rocks and shells with memories of Cape May for HP and me, some of the shells being of more recent vintage, coming from wonderful take out Italian seafood for various birthdays.

Happy Oestre, all! and Happy Spring and good Passover and Great Equinox and just good days all around.


te_roti said...

Even more beautiful eggs than last year Liz. Your collection is lovely. Have a nice Easter.


eepy said...

Faberge, eat your heart out! This year's batch are particularly lovely, Liz. I like the eggo in the lower R corner, the one with more white than the others.

Philosophical joke:

Cogito eggo sum.

Translation: I think, therefore I am a waffle.

Gabriella said...

I'm glad I checked in today. Gawjus! Happy Easter/Oestre.

annie1931 said...

Beautiful eggs, especially the tiny ones.