Monday, January 25, 2010

Updates and foot power

I just had to show you this latest Freecycle find. It's a handmade fabric covered box containing footcare stuff, and the packaging is a wild grass. All made in Indonesia, why are you not surprised that such care and expertise and terrific sense of humor, is found here. As usual, the picture enlarges so you can probably read the contents, which are lovely, all natural good stuff.

The great thing is that it's a fair trade product, meaning that the original maker was paid a proper rate for the product, rather than the sweatshop levels you will be taking part in if you shop at various chain stores with very low prices.

But, if you Freecycle, it's the lowest price of all! someone paid a proper rate, gave it as a gift and the receiver passed it on to a happier recipient, me.

Other updates: the tapestry series is now under pressure, affixed to a backing, the glue is drying, and need only a couple more stages before becoming an actual finished artwork.

I have had many iterations of ideas about these guys since finishing the parts. They just didn't add up as well hung separately in a vertical formation as I'd hoped, but look a whole lot better when they're very close together, more bang. So that's the next stage.

I have some nice canvas (actually a dropcloth found at the dumpster and washed soft, lovely soft natural color) which I think will be the back of the whole series, in a solid vertical column. But that may change too. Can't show you pix yet, since they are reposing under glass sheets on glass sheets, with various thing like a miniature press and a shredder weighting down the glass, just happen to be a good size and heft for the job.

Did you know that "on the job" is a brit slang expression for having sex? I bet you didn't, and now know why you raise eyebrows and chuckles among brits when you say you called home to make sure the contractors you arranged for were on the job.....

Last update: the Round Robin Journal, according to my tracking number at the trusty PO, is now in the hands of Diane W., and I hope she's having a good time, and able to set aside a little bit of time, too, to play with it before it moves on in a couple of weeks' time. And might even take a pic of what you do, huh, Diane, that would be great?


dogonart said...

I've posted a comment on my blog in response to your comment on my blog. We seem to be blogging in the same time wave or something. Loved the footcare and the update on the tapestry. I think I'm next for the journal. Eagerly awaiting.

dianesowo said...

I've got the journal and will deal with it this weekend and send it on. Pics are coming from it and from my gift.

Boud said...

Yay, thanks so much, Diane. I knew that the way to get it started with oomph was to send it first to a very very busy lady! this is great.

annie1931 said...

Interesting foot care story!

Anonymous said...

Freecycle is the best kind of regifting! Very often wonderful stuff that someone just doesn't 'get', or got two, or whatever. I love the humor and appreciation of materials in the foot care set.