Monday, January 4, 2010

Treasure Everywhere: The Great Field and Fen 2010 Fun Project, read on...

Would you like to take part in a journal project, open to all, to happen over the course of this year? Here's what I have in mind:

I am in the process of creating artist books, blank inside, with interestingly folded pages, a couple of pix here to show you what I'm talking about. I am suggesting that if you are interested, we can use one of them as a Round Robin Journal, to go around to anyone who wants to sign up and take part. The theme is: A Day in the Life!

I will decorate the front and back covers and leave the rest a lovely snowy blank for everyone to decorate at will. You can use a page or a double open page, your choice.

You don't have to be an artist to do this, by the way, since your page is your page -- you can glue in a comic strip you love that is appropriate for the day you're doing it, or you can write a journal entry in poetry or prose, to share a day in your life with us (if either Diane does this, the rest of us will feel quite tired after reading it....but full of admiration) or you can draw, paint, print, stamp, attach fabric or knitting or photograph, or whatever fits on your page.

I'm using Arches Hot Press watercolor paper, the best in the world, they've been making this stuff since the 15th century, they know how to do it so it will take whatever you can dish out! and if you want to do this but are worried about "ruining" a page, make a painting, drawing, print, etc. and simply glue it in, then you know you like it. Or if you do work directly on the page and don't like it, then make another sheet you do like and glue that over the one you didn't. Feel free to cut, punch holes in, etc. your page. In other words it isn't possible to make a "mistake" on this project! your mark is your mark and it's a treasure.

Actually the only mistake would be to not take part and then later wish you had!

What I plan to do is keep the book within reasonable size so it can easily be mailed in a manila envelope. I will NOT put your addresses in this blog, but will ask you to email me at with your mailing address, and I'll email the whole list around everyone so you know where you come on the list, and who to ship to after you've made your entry, and it will finally come back to me and I'll take pix of the whole thing and show you in here.

The mechanics: I send to the first person on the list, he/she makes an entry, ships to the next person on the list who makes an entry, etc. etc. until everyone's received and played with the journal, last person on the list sends back to me.

Some people are abroad, and I will undertake to send it first to the furthest away person, so that nobody else has to pay that postage, and then they send it to the next on the list, etc. I'd like to send to the first person before the end of January. Well, you know me, it will be WELL before the end of January...

This is just fun, not to be other than a nice toy and sharing. If you decide a bit late to get involved, I'll just add you to the list and notify the person before you who to send to. We can make this work.

In the words of the immortal Calvin and Hobbes: there's treasure everywhere!


  1. Ooh - count me in. I think you have my address. :-)

  2. Sounds like fun. I'm in. Simple rules...lovely..

  3. Ahhh Liz. I can't resist a challenge. I'm sure I'll be the furthest away, which of course means I'm in. Maybe you could bunny hop across countries if you have more than one overseas - just my 2 cents worth.


  4. Brill! Wouldn't miss this for the world!

    Liz, I probably have more money invested in postage than is currently in my bank account,
    so I can forward to anywhere in the Known Universe.

    But but but, January is horrendously busy, so skip me until Feb please.

    I think you have my snail address.


  5. I'll have it after Eepy has it!

  6. can't seem to post here...
    one more try maybe.
    I'll play!



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