Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, however you say it

Are you going to say twenty ten, or two thousand ten? I don't think we ever came to a consensus as to what to call the last few years that were the "oughts" or "noughts" or whatever they were.

Today is in the 40s, wet, mild, no ice, no snow, this is Good Weather! we didn't quite see in the New Year, being a bit past it, and by 10.30 our day wound to a close. Lovely evening watching My Fair Lady, great fun, with a roaring log fire.

And the laundry was done, the garbage out, the bills paid, the current piece of knitting finished, all in honor of the new year. Of course this morning, owing to a catheter separation during the night, there's a whole new lot of laundry going, but never mind, that's what washing machines were invented for.

The picture is of happy ducks swimming in a brand new lake created by the torrential rainstorms where it used to be plain old grass, including a species of duck that we only see in the winter, and as soon as I find my bird book I'll identify it.

It's the little brown guy with the white shirtfront. A migratory bird, I think, since we're on the Eastern flyway and get a lot of species at different seasons on their way to someplace else..we're their flyover country! any knowledgeable reader is welcome to post what this one is.

And there was some wonderful accidental art on a neighbor's car where snow melted and folded over on itself like a sable wrap, around a numberplate which celebrated battleship New Jersey, a wonderful comment by Nature on the folly of man.

So that's us from here, and Happy New Year to all of us!


  1. Happy new year to you and yours! I wish I knew what kind of duck that is, but I don't. If there was a little white on the face, it would be a Harlequin, I think.

  2. I think it might be a female black scoter, the duck, that is. The size works, and the coloring. So unless an expert stops by, that's what it is!


  3. Happy New Year! I'm hoping everyone says "twenty-ten" and not "two thousand ten". I'd like to work on my time management from now on. ;)

  4. Happy new year! I'm planning on calling it twenty ten. I'm so glad 2009 is over - for many reasons, but in this moment mostly because I know what to call it! My computer at home has been inaccessible all year. I can't wait to leave verizon. Hope your new year is exciting. :-)

  5. Happy new year to you two, too!
    That folded snow photo - what sweetness!
    Thank you, for another wonderful yearful of Lizisms!

    xoxo MaryAnn


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