Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3..2..1..Liftoff! ruffles and flourishes

The racket you've been hearing this morning is the ruffles, flourishes and general blasting of trumpets as Treasure Everywhere, our joint art journal, achieves of this morning, it's on its way to you Diane!

Everyone, enjoy this adventure! I've had a great time creating the journal, which has a lot of blank pages just waiting for you to plunge in, as well as a few ideas here and there inside just because I couldn't resist.

And to antiquarians worried about the segment of the Japanese woodblock print on the cover, don't worry, yes it's a genuine 19th century print, but it was already damaged and not leading a useful life at all, so this is a way of giving it a new lease on life. I didn't do anything vandalic to it! the others in my collection which are undamaged are happily framed on walls that don't get direct sunlight, and doing just fine.

Remember to sign your own section of the journal as it comes and don't hesitate to add pages or whatever pleases you, as long as it doesn't get so bulky that the later users will need a hand truck to get it to the post office.

I'd suggest you take your own pictures of your own work, so that you have a record and can share it with us as we go, and when it finally comes home to me having circumnavigated the globe, I will take pix of the whole thing, page by page.

And finally......



annie1931 said...

Just enjoyed the last few and this one. Haven't been checking in lately, bad Dobbie.

I'm thinking, thinking, thinking about 'my' page in your book. Can barely wait to see the work on the front page!

Boud said...

Annie, you didn't sign up, so you've missed the setup email with all the instructions. Would you like me to ask if a couple of Canajuns can sandwich you in to the list somehow? let me know.

te_roti said...

My DH has suggested that once I receive the Treasure book I take it in to my local chemist to see if I can get the prescription on the front filled. He reckons I could get some pretty good drugs with that. (grin) Can't wait to receive it.


Anonymous said...

wheee and yeeehaaaaawwww!
xo maj

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