Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Life with Green Bananas

As you know, the concept of the still life is all about decay and the fleeting quality of life. So it amused me hugely at this point in my earthly sojourn, to take a nice still life pic of fruit including -- green bananas! it's a sign of hopefulness when you are still buying green bananas....

Speaking of bananas, I have just had a wonderfully comic interchange of emails with a nice lady who is apparently doing genealogical research into the Boud family. Somehow or other she found me somewhere and was eagerly asking me if I knew anything about Elizabeth Boud, from the 16th century....I explained that Boud is in fact only a screen name, in honor of my late lovely kitty Boud, short for Boudicca, the updated version of Boadicea, a grey, part-Siamese six pound vital force, small but deadly.

Which suggested her name, actually, since Boudicca, the early British warrior queen, damn nearly turned back the entire Roman military force intent on taking over Britain, at Colchester, which was called something Latin back then, so small but deadly was definitely how she struck them, I'm guessing. Veni, vidi, thumpi!

Anyway, this nice geneo lady simply refused to believe me, and insisted that Boud was my surname (it SAYS so, on the website about the Boud family of NJ, she tells me)
and says how weird that I selected (!) a surname related to Princess Diana. Well, it would be if I had.

At this point I still thought she was talking about my cat, and I said, heck, it would be weird if Diana were related to Boudicca.... it just got funnier and funnier, until I said, well it's been nice sharing, but you are clearly on a dead end here, since Boud is not my family name, never had been, and I can't help you further. I think she thinks I'm meanly holding out on her, heh. Comic relief.

The round robin journal is coming along a treat, and we have at least six people interested in taking part, room for more if any show up, and thank you all for being interested. I'm valiantly holding off on filling up the lovely blank pages, before I ship it off to whoever comes first on the list which I have yet to organize.

I'll be putting together an email with info for everyone. I've known either in person or via internet, everyone, for multiples of years, and I have good feelings about everyone's willingness to keep the email for the purpose intended and to just use it to send on the journal, and to faithfully keep it moving! and add to it your own personal stamp (!) and create a wonderful joint artwork.

Don't hesitate (as if you would!) to ask me via email if anything suddenly stumps you about it, okay? and just to make sure: no, Boud is not my family name.

Does anyone else sing Bananaz!!! to the tune of Bonanza, or is it just me?

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  1. The Boud enquirer sound like she might be related to John Cleese? (of the dead parrot skit). Lovely still life pix.


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