Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stitching and clicking and Angela sightings

Thanks for the minor flood of happy emails as well as the response in here, folks! the Lizzies have now swept the stage clean, given all the bouquets to local hospitals, folded up the velvet drapes and are taking a hiatus until next year.....

Meanwhile, I used a few minutes to do something I've been meaning to do for ages -- renovate an old pair of jeans, which for months have been way too big, partly because they stretched, partly because I shrank, what with one thing and another.

So I cut them off, used the body part as a bag, and the legs to make a long shoulder strap, and I now have a nice tote or workbag or catchall, as the case may be. Only stitching was when I attached the strap at each end, otherwise I used that fusible web stuff, much faster, and since I have no machine, a lot easier than pushing a needle through denim. So here it is, unveiled.

And outside the daylilies are bustin out all over, in our garden, which you see out front, on the patio out back, and various other places including the dumpster area which now looks a lot better! thought you'd like to see. Also the upside down tomato at the front door, doesn't seem to mind being upside down at all, fruiting busily.

Around here, nothing to do with daylilies, but a lot to do with my new computer, this tangent: we have what's known as Angela Sightings. There's a woman who lives a few miles from here, shops where I do, knows a lot of people I know, and looks exactly like me, even sounds like me.

For years we have been mistaken for one another, and we once met at the supermarket when the checker asked if we were sisters shopping together, and fell down laughing when we realized we'd met Her, that other person we were always been mistaken for. And we both said we'd been friendly to people even if we had no idea who they were, so that the other person wouldn't get a rep. for being standoffish!

The only thing was that I was hoping I'd look a bit more like Cindy Crawford, rather than a nice clean looking lady....

Anyway, yesterday, fooling about with the new computer, and installing my scanner software, I had to go to the video/scanner function, and noticed on that screen a puzzled looking old lady, with curly grey hair, looking as if she was a bit unsure of herself.

I thought, how clever to put that there in this function, exactly how I feel at this moment, I wonder if they're marketing to the older group. Then I realized the face was moving as I talked to myself.

And FINALLY realized that this computer has a camera, and that I'd opened it in the course of installing the scanner, and that puzzled old lady was ME! which explains why I wouldn't have realized Angela was like me, since I failed totally to recognize my own personal self. Duh.


dogonart said...

Love your garden dooryard. Thanks for the laugh.

mossy said...

I'm totally astonished that you don't have a sewing machine... Even I have one and I'm completely non-domestic. I'm also cheap though, and I do mend things. And I also use it for mail art stuff.

I saw that first picture, and I said to myself, "oh oh, who's going to tell Liz that she might be just a trifle too old for really really short miniskirts!"


Anonymous said...

Eepy, I thought the same thing at first about the skirt! :)

And I wish I had a sewing machine. I don't make clothes, but I do mend and make things out of other things. Maybe some day. I'd especially like one of those treadle ones.


Sparky2 said...

I'm so laughing at the Angela sightings - remembering your many stories of confusion and hilarity, Liz! I'm nodding in complete understanding, too, re: the cam "sighting" - having had a similar experience recently when setting up my mom's ASUS ... wow, what a wake-up call that was!

Love the bag! I have what amounts to an entire craft fair table of potential bags in the dark, far corner of my closet at the moment. I really should follow your fine example and help them live up to their potential - or at the very least (and most probable) post them on FreeCycle so that someone else can be brilliant with them!

Your day lilies are gorgeous, Liz! What a lovely space you've created there ...