Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth on the Fifth

The Fourth was a great celebration around here: the family reunion party next door,held on the third, overflowed and HP though he was in bed, was included, plates of food sent in, good wishes sent in with them.

Then the second day of the Fourth, neighbor visits, lunch visit from HS to help HP with various tasks, then assist us both to eat the usual Fourth food -- hot dogs, with everything, buddhist style (!) including mustard pickles, relish, ketchup, home made potato salad, donated watermelon and wine and fake beer by neighbors , departure of HS to the shore, then viewing of Foyle in the evening just over in time to watch fireworks on tv, the nearest we get these days....all in all, a very good Fourth was had by all.

Including the two native Americans I show you here, seen on the Fourth doing what they always do on the Fourth and every other day -- foraging! one a chipmunk looking anxiously in case I planned to compete for the goodies in his dish,

the other a rabbit posing patiently until I got organized before vanishing into the shrubs.

So Happy Fourth, since it's still the weekend of the Day, in fact it's the third of the Fourth.... to one and all and if where you live it's just the fourth, an ordinary Saturday, still, it's a gift, enjoy!

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  1. So glad you had your once-a-year dog, Liz - had a laugh at "buddhist-style" ... sounds like a wonderful 4th was enjoyed by you all!

    You know I've never actually *seen* a chipmunk - this fellow is adorable ... and so tiny!


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