Friday, July 17, 2009

Partnership art , renovation and reverie

Many many years ago, HS designed and created a couple of tshirts for himself, own design, mottoes on back, everything. A couple of years back he donated them to me to have, frame, whatever I thought would be good. And finally I realized the best way to see and enjoy them would be to make them into pillows, which I duly did this week, and show you fronts and backs. They're so HIM at that age, too, that they are very dear. And it's an art partnership, something I like to take part in now and then.

nd the bag I knitted last year and have used a lot, but which is very lacy, needed a lining, which it now has as of yesterday, using a chunk of good linen cut from a pair of pants I made over into a divided skirt thing. I have another bag crocheted from twine, which needs a lining too, so the other leg will be used there!

Good old Freecycle found me a taker for a huge bag of good fabric scraps, linen, muslin, handpainted fabric I made, velvet, denim, endless stuff which I know I will not use, having exhausted my fabric ambition for the moment. So somebody else will be very happy about my studio cleaning!

A friend commented recently that she's noticed how explosively creative I've been, and productive, recently, despite all the stress and endless work and responsibility, and I agreed. It seems that the new normal of high stress and physical work has triggered a surge of right brain activity! which when you think about it is not at all surprising.

Art doesn't arise from a comfy affluent life with minimum trouble and stress and worry. In countries as well as in people.

I mean, take Poland. The borders being whipped back and forward between bigger powers for centuries, overrun, invaded, shoved around, bombed, starved, and look at the art that came out of that little population,just loaded with talent: Marie Curie, Paderewski, Chopin, Walesa, come to mind even without looking it up!

And then look at peaceful little Switzerland, neutral in wars, not invaded since, I guess, the Romans crossed swords with the Helvetii, and what has Switzerland to show for it in the art or anywhere other than banking? chocolate, cuckoo clocks and Roger Federer.

I rest my case.


  1. Great partnership cushions. Nice. "cuckoo clocks and Roger Federer" Heh heh!

  2. The T-shirt transplants are so touching, Liz. Were the slogans and designs originally painted, embroidered...?


  3. Funny, I posted a response, saw it appear and it seems to have gone. The Great Blogerator in the Sky must have done it.

    These were HS's own paintings and drawings, on paper, I think then transferred to the shirts. He used to do a lot of very tiny art, wonderfully conceptualized, and these may be bigger versions of what he was doing at that time.

    He reads in here now and then so he may even be moved to comment and explain, if I got it wrong!


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