Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Orchids at camp

I moved a couple of my orchids to pose them against the July sky, to show them off better -- they live in an east facing living room.

They're great plants -- I give them very little care, other than making sure there's humidity from a pebble tray under them in their normal home, and not letting them touch the window, and that's about it, other than staking up the stem. These along with several others currently dormant, were given to me via Freecycle from a collector who was getting out of orchids now that he had two rambunctious little boys to contend with, and they've adapted fine over the last year to my amateurish handling.

Once they start blooming they go for months. The one that lived in Andy's hospital room is dormant now but bloomed for nearly four months, very cheering.

So here they are, pretending to be at camp! and making me look like a good gardener..


  1. I too have orchids (only one remaining). East window on pebbles! The part I enjoy most is when the buds start opening but after that they're so static they are a tad boring.

  2. I love your orchids against the sky and clouds! I found myself thinking what a beautiful design for a textile this would be - could see it repeated for a scarf maybe ...

    My .02 orchids (score!) are looking fantastically healthy ... bright, strong, shiny leaves and tiny buds along the stem. Can't wait to see if they will actually form buds for me - and what color they are!

  3. Those are such beautiful pictures! I'd try my hand at orchids if I didn't know that the cats would chew them to bits. But I can garden vicariously through yours.


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