Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just For The Elephant!

At the library I use a lot, there's a little glass case with shelves, used for local residents to display their collections of little objects. Kids as well as adults do this, so the displays range from origami made by a master of the art, to little structures created by a second grader from Lego, to Fimo fruit and vegetables. Very small town kind of thing, even though the town isn't so small any more. I like that the libe has kept this going.

At the moment, one of my favorite displays of all time is on show: a wonderful collection of elephants, from half an inch in size to several inches, in every material you can think of, from jade to carved filigree wood, to ceramic, glass, fabric, origami, metals,you name it. Some of them are baby elephants, trunks waving wildly and legs all over the place.

Which reminds me of a documentary about African elephants I saw a while ago, where two of the babies suddenly decided to be Bad Elephants, and run away from their moms! hilarious scene of the babies, waving their trunks, giggling insanely in elephantspeak, stumbling and trotting away from the herd, with giant moms and aunts suddenly realizing, when they were on their way to the horizon, that they were off, and setting off themselves in pursuit, to round them up and herd them back again.

So I took pix for your viewing pleasure of the local collection of elephants, all facing one way, toward the window, which I think is supposed to be the "right" way to do it! enjoy, and enlarge the pictures to see them better.


  1. CHarming collection! Thank you!

    Owner of a piggy collection

  2. Ha ha, hadn't actually come in here before the heffalump posting - what a super collection.

    I used to visit the Detroit zoo when I lived in Windsor, ('72) Ontario, and the animals were then mainly contained by moats. The elephants had some youngsters (bigger than li'l babies). When I was there last we were watching a young one playing with a rock about half the size of a soccer ball. As we watched him rolling it about, all the spectators began at the same time to realize he was rolling it closer and closer to the edge of the moat. He'd clasp it with his trunk, then put it down, roll it, clasp was suddenly very obvious the little demon was going to toss it across. His mama noticed this about the same time we did, came over, smacked him smartly on his rump, pushed the rock over the edge of the moat, and smacked him again as she hauled him back farther to the others. It was fascinating to watch both his calculating and his mother's comprehension.

  3. Ah, wonderful! This is an especially happy making post for me as I had an elephant collection when I was younger - lost it in a military move across country. :-( I actually see about three here that I had in my own herd. I would have loved the mosaic one - satisfying two loves at once!

    Your story reminds me of the Disney Dumbo movie! Love it!

  4. Love the elephant collection! Elephants are one my fave collectibles too.


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