Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jersey Fresh and Hope for the UN

Aside from visiting farms (and realizing I misspelled their name in my previous post, even though I had a big picture up with the correct spelling on their signboard, sigh, did you know, incidentally that one of the most misspelled words in the language is the word misspelled? there you can rest easy, knowing that) where was I, oh yes, I grow food in my tiny little area here too, and friends keep me supplied from Columbus Market, a huge ancient open air flea market and farmers' market.

So when I put our lunch out the other day, I realized just how pretty your food is when it's mainly fruit and vegetables, with no dull old meat, or little of it. We had Jersey tomato salad and baby cucumber salad over mixed greens (yes, there's a bit of cubed Danish ham i there, too, not Jersey stuff) courtesy of friend who picked it up for me at Columbus, followed by Jersey blueberries over other fruit from unknown sources such as Florida. I tossed the salad with a bit of wine vinegar and good olive oil. And held HP off while I took pictures and he cracked up laughing at me.

So we ate fairly locally, Columbus being half an hour away. But we eat even more locally, too, and I have pix to prove it:

Potatoes, growing in a container on the patio. I just shove a potato from the supermarket that's started to sprout, and, after the foliage has grown up and died down, dig up a nice meal or two of new potatoes.

Peppers, growing in a container on the patio, you can enlarge the pic to actually see them, it's early yet!

Roma plum tomatoes growing in the upside down container outside the front door.

Cherry bushes growing in the ground along the walkway, next to nasturtiums in a container, which are nice salad food, very peppery. Too small to picture are the tiny baby blueberry bushes, which put out a grand total of three berries this year, their first, but I have hopes for next year, if I can get ahead of the birds.

And Cumberland Black Raspberry canes, outside the back fence, planted in the ground, where the fence will contain them on one side and the landscapers will mow on the other, came to me courtesy of Freecycle from a nice English lady who wanted to give me a lot of other vegetable and fruit starts, but I have no room for them.

And we grow our own herbs, of course, very easy in containers, all kinds of herbs, which I add to food all the time. Nothing like picking your own basil and other things, and rushing right in to use them. Pesto this year is planned, from the basil I grew from seed.

Finally, the Adams contribution to world peace, since I already bragged about our whirled peas growing everywhere, I present you Kitty Detente: Duncan conferring with Persian Fluffy Sheba, who ventured downstairs from her personal apartment upstairs, for the first time in months, and hates Marigold and is bullied usually by Duncan, then Duncan practices shuttle diplomacy by going over to Marigold to explain that Fluffy comes in peace.

For the first time in their joint history, all three cats were in one room at one time. Fluffy visited with HP, first time he's seen her in months (can't carry her down to show him, she bites), and having made her point with the others, retreated upstairs again and spent the night in her usual basket.

There's hope for the U.N. yet.


  1. I share you buying local fesh food ideals and subscribe to a local nursery. Today the produce was Carrots and Tomatoes. I do envy your own home grown stuff, and just to explain the reason, I have to point out that my Nasturtiums have only just produced their second set of leaves. Its been a real cool spring! The Blue Jays ate the radishes, I think, or else they decided to burrow back down to keep warm.

  2. Love that kitty detente! Maybe they could teach those skills to humans. :)


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