Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spice bush finally

Every year for five years, this bush has come through the winter, put out leaves then been eaten back to the ground.

Finally this year, a breakthrough. It's blooming triumphantly. And the scent, the reason I planted it, is wonderful.

So glad i didn't give up on it.


  1. I love interesting scents in the garden. I know of two shrubs called spice bush, but I don't know the "true identity" of either one. Do you know what this one is, Liz?

  2. This one is viburnum carlesii, aka Korean spice bush, a specimen shrub from White Flower Farm. There are native spice bushes, but this is an import.

    In front of it in the picture is a sad little remnant of my native cherry which snapped in a wind a while back. I wonder if the competition is what held back the spice bush, since it's leapt ahead since the cherry went.


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