Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dinner with Handsome Son Returns, after Hiatus

Between my being under the weather, and Handsome Son's work hours being unaccommodating, it's been weeks since we had a meal together.  So Friday we resumed, and it went over well.

Chicken drumsticks, roasted with thyme, then layered with baby bella mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil and butter, garlic salt and red wine, and a can, sorry, it's the season, no fresh tomatoes yet, of unsalted diced tomatoes.  All layered together,  medium oven.  Brown jasmine rice, cooked with crushed walnuts and golden raisins.  This was a pretty easy meal in some ways and went down well.  Glass of the same red wine used in the mushrooms, nice Italian.  Banana bread with crushed walnuts (noting a theme here?) and big pot of tea. And it leaves enough for a couple of meals for me over the weekend.  

So dinner was good, and after HS had been forced to tour all the new windows, admiring them at length, very patiently, he picked out some of my glass collection for himself.  When I had to reorganize before the windows were done, I put away all my glass collection for safety, and decided after weeks of not seeing it, that I probably only needed to hold onto a few pieces.  So Handsome Son was very happy to take away several nice pieces for his own use.  

This leaves a few I can take to the thriftie on my next trip there.  HS always gets first refusal on anything I find at the thriftie, or anything I'm planning to take there.  He's very good about selecting only what he wants, resisting the collecting temptation pretty well.  Partly this is because his condo is small and fills up easily! 

All my neighbors are resigned to having a tour of the windows if they stop in.  I think I may need to curb my enthusiasm a bit..
More strawberries today, and I got half a dozen nice basil starts, which are now potted up on the patio.  I need rosemary then I'm set.  Other herbs came through the winter fine, oregano, mints, sage, Thai basil, if the squirrel's rampage hasn't stopped it in its tracks.

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  1. That meal sounds like a feast!
    By an odd coincidence, my parlor table has been covered for months with glass and ceramics and such (such being a teapot) that I thought I might want to keep, or put on eBay. Turns out, I want neither. Next trip to the Valley, I'll be delivering a couple of cartons to the hospice shop.


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