Thursday, May 25, 2017

Windows, Finally Done for This Lifetime

Positively the Last Big Thing I'm doing for this house.  Windows are now done, curtains reorganized and working nicely.  Contractor neighbor who installed the rods for me now decided to get a new patio door at his own house across the street, very impressed with mine.

Footnote to this bedroom pic: the two plants you see on stools I started from scratch. One from a single leaf from a bigger begonia, took ages to start, and is now pretty impressive.  The one on the right I started from a single leaf of snake plant, one of the many sansevierias, which I cut up and rooted in sections.  

Did you know the sections of this plant know their north-south orientation?  unless you plant the sections of the leaf in the same direction of their original growth, they will not root.  So I had to be careful to keep them organized when I cut up the leaf.  And all of the parts rooted. Several years' growth there, very slow plant.  I never bother with rooting hormone, just shove them into potting soil and leave them alone.  That usually works fine.

So all is done and I can just stop thinking about the fabric of the house and get on to more interesting stuff. In fact I do love my surroundings, and would far rather be there than anywhere, drag myself out when I need to be with friends, enjoy their company a lot, glad to get home again!

The only little drawback to the new windows is that the glass is so clean that I've had a few bird collisions with it, against the patio door. It's huge, and they see the plants inside, including the ficus tree, and I guess plan on flying into it to perch, then discover the glass.  Up to now no fatalities, just annoyed birds.  

Once in a while I get a redtail hawk colliding, thinking she can fly right through, if the front door is open.  Looks to a bird like a passage between trees.  Redtails are so powerful that when that happens it's like a minor explosion, bird unharmed, flies away pretending it never happened.

So you will be pleased to know that the Saga of the Windows is now complete.


  1. Funny, I just noticed at the upper right of this comment page, it says "close this window"...

    Your sliders are elegant. I am green, green. Even if I wanted them, this house just isn't constructed for 'em, but I can always enjoy yours. =)

    I think part of the problem with windows and birds, they see the reflection of themselves and think it's a strange bird, in the wrong territory. We had a ruffed grouse up here (we called him Grouse Perot, sorry) who during spring and summer territorial seasons would literally attack any vehicle coming up our driveway. One angry little bird. It could be unnerving to look in the rear view mirror and see him just inches from the rear window, whirring away.

  2. You now have an excuse to make several hang-y type things to hang up and ward off the birds. The neighbor uses sticky-on things, which are tacky but effective.

  3. Yes I definitely need an excuse to make stuff!

  4. People say hanging up CDs where they will can move works to keep birds from flying into glass - kind of a tidier version of the pieplates-on-scarecrows thing I guess.
    Congrats on putting the window project to bed! That must feel good.

  5. New windows are wonderful things - so much easier to clean and a whole lot better for heating/cooling. Too bad about the birdies getting such headaches though.

  6. The new windows and door look great! They let in a lot of light into your home and give you some pretty nice views. I have to agree that birds might be a problem but the addition of some more plants might just be enough to ward them off. I placed sticky decals on my windows but I know that they don't work for everyone.


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