Monday, May 22, 2017

Suddenly, roses

Suddenly I noticed that the climbing roses are out.  And what's left of the iris on the patio after the renovation. 

Foreground is the wildflower, not yet out, sansevieria virginiana, little three-petalled purple flower.  Planted herself last year, and recovered after the winter. I expect she has a common name, but I don't know it.  Hence the fancy Latin!

In front of the house needs some work.  Neighbor promised to help yank out the dead pachysandra, paths worn by contractors, and heavy stuff being left on it.  But on the good side, I can plant something else there instead.  Thinking about a couple of decorative grasses, maybe.  Maybe finally a peony, but I think that's for Fall planting and I'm impatient to put something in.  Trip to the nursery has to happen.  Once my energy finally returns, that is.  Still getting there.

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  1. mmmm - climbing roses! So sorry the contractors did such a number on your plants. I guess they have to do their job but sometimes I think they could be a little more careful.


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