Thursday, May 18, 2017

Windows Upload, no, the real kind. And Strawberries Are In!

This week, what with recovering from the flu, took ages longer than it spozed to, and the endless drama out of Washington, stress nobody needs, suddenly the window installers showed up at the door on Monday.  Could I get my installation done next day?

After having to bring endless pressure just to get them to respond for the last three months, I was not about to send them away.  And I'd cancelled my housecleaners anyway for next day, not up to going out for a couple of hours. Urgent text to son to come over and help move stuff away from windows in every room, take down curtains, and various things I didn't have the strength to do.  Which he did, cheerfully, good guy.

So after a couple of days of intense noise, stress, much shouting in Russian, good thing I don't speak Russian, at least any of the terms the crew was using, all the windows are now replaced. Beautiful new ones,  many times better than their predecessors, great insulation value, both weather and sound.  Now paid for.  Done. All worked lovely.  Bp now reducing nicely.

 Old windows waiting to leave

 Spencer prepping the empty space while I keep an eye on cats

 Upstairs, new window in place

 And here the big one, the eight foot, 600 lb patio door replacement, in progress, no sound effects added here

 Bedroom window, same width as patio door, lovely framing of tree

Here, Marigold feigns total oblivion.  We Burmese are Royal, We Do Not Fuss When Our House Is Under Siege.  We took a brief trip out of doors, but it was too noisy and hot and We came back in. 
Duncan not so lucky, ran to hide under my bedclothes when the crew came up to the bedroom window, got trapped there, daren't come out and exit.
Excellent crew, total focus on work, really good craftsmanship.  Expensive but worth it. The value of my house now considerably better than three days ago.  And the neighbors, having hung back until I got through it, so brave, are interested in maybe doing likewise while the contractors are around working on the renovations.   Especially when they saw the pristine state of affairs with the installation complete.

Then today, caught up on vital errands, stamps, lantana for hummingbirds, wine, I saw the sign up at the farm: Strawberries!

 Scoop of yogurt. Perfect.  Happy camper here now.


  1. oh, those strawberries. And those windows. Im glad you're feeling better, just don't push too hard. you KNOW how you get.

  2. Wonderful to have new windows, despite the upheaval of getting them installed. We had them replaced in our last house and were utterly amazed at how quickly the job was accomplished and with a minimum amount of fuss and bother. Strawberries - ah, to dream - are a ways away here yet.

  3. This being Victoria weekend here in the Great White North I thought I'd give a royal wave to your QVic and also enquire after the dollivers.
    Stawberries! already! Nice windows.


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